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Alternative Manure Technologies

Vegetative Treatment System for Small Feedlots

Runoff from a 2 acre feedlot is captured in a sediment basin and pumped uphill to a sprinkler vegetative treatment area.  Ratio of VTA to feedlot area is 1.3.  Construction cost was $8,000 per feedlot acre, $59 per head-space.

Poultry Litter Subsurfer

The Subsurfer is a new manure spreader that injects poultry litter into perennial pastures.  Similar to a no-till drill, litter drops into a small slit in the turf.  The subsurfer reduces nitrogen losses, odor emissions, and surface runoff.

Alligator Ranch Waste Management

Wastewater from alligator buildings is flushed into a storage pond and irrigated onto adjacent grassland.  The ranch is investigating the use of a lime precipitation system to clarify wastewater before storage. 

"Biovator" Mortality Composter

 "Biovator" is the tradename of a patented rotating drum composter specifically designed to dispose of livestock mortalities.  Bones and larger pieces passs through the biovator three or more times before they disappear. 

In House Composting of Poultry Litter

Litter is formed into windrows and composted between flocks on this broiler farm.  Producer sees improvement in feed conversion and darkling beetle control.

Weeping Wall

Flushed manure from a 3,500 head dairy passes through a sand trap and two “weeping wall” solids separators.  Organic solids are dried and stored in the weeping wall structures before being spread on crop land. 

Mechanical Solids Separator

A mechanical solid separator removes organic solids from flushwater on ta 3,000 head dairy. in Central Texas.    Solids are composted in windrows before being reused as bedding in freestall barns.

Chicken Carcass Composter

Mortalities from a poultry farm are composted in a rotating drum mechanical composter.  The proper ratio of 2 parts litter, 1 part saw dust, and 1 part dead birds by volume is critical for producing quality compost.

Litter Baler

Chicken and Turkey litter is compressed into 3,000 pound bales at a centralized facility. Bales are stable and have been stored for up to eighteen months with little loss of nutrients.

Swine Manure Digester

A sow to wean unit digests manure in a covered lagoon.  Biogas collected under the impermeable lagoon cover is used to fire two incinerators that handle all the mortalities on the farm

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